Our Services

Please do not hesitate in contacting me for a 30 minute free consultation. I offer diverse payment options and my goal is to work with you on all levels and find win-win solutions. Pricing, as you know, is on a per-project basis. There is no set cost for production. Whom ever you choose to produce your content for you, the following factors are considered:

Locations, performers, post-edit, company fees, staff fees and the content scene depth of vision. That is why we always communicate completely with our clients. Before an actual scene is produced, there is a clear, written and agreed upon contract. This protects all parties as well as providing the highest standard of professionalism.

We can offer you from start-to-finish plans, once we begin the communication process. We can work with what ever budget you have and recommend to you what is possible. Many of clients just use us as a production house, they do not want to film, deal with locations, performers, legals and post edit. We shoot their content and give them all the footage. They in turn do the post production work and do what they wish with their content.DO not just hire anyone because of their price, remember you pay for what you get.

Now with all of the education set on parts of what we do here is a list of our services:

Conceptual Design    Storyboard    Pre-production   Location set-up

Performer booking    Photo shoot  Content Production

Performer and Location legals  Post-Production and legals

Editing   Photoshop   Teasers   Model Workshops

Model Portfolio’s   Model Websites    Company Websites

(Non-Member pay site)   Member Pay Sites    Social Media Platforms

Pricing is built according to each clients needs. Budgets are taken into account.

On-Site Production Consulting

The On-Site production service is tailored to small producers who are still unsure about the correct ways of producing content. This service is for you! Normally what will happen is, you will be contracting Xander XXavier out to be on set with you. Hold your hand as well as educating and bringing you from the very start of the shoot to the post-shoot production. You have your very own experienced hands-on teach with you and only for you. Clients understand that Xander’s time is important and his experience is worth the time and fee.

Normal over the phone consultation fee’s apply. Please refer to price list of services. When we speak over the phone or in person, we are in the planning mood. I am getting all information from you, what you  want to shoot and so on. All details are covered and not left to chance.

Break down of time minimums and other fee’s:

-Within NYC/CT/NJ/Mass/RI

The fee for on-site production is $200 per hour, which starts when Xander arrives at your location.

(Normal Shoot time is about 2 hours

Min of 2hrs Max of 8hrs.)

For out of these areas:

(All travel and lodging will be included in invoice paid by the hiring party)

$800 per day 2 day minimum

A invoice will be sent to you via email. Invoice must be paid in full in order for me to accept your project and so that I can schedule the trip. Any additional services rendered will be paid at the end of rendered services. Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior and a refund of 50% will be made.

Non-Exclusive & Exclusive Content for Sale

By implementing our strict 2257 legal practice, you are taking a firm stance in protecting your business.  Once you have purchased our packet, we will send you an email requesting certain business information to incorporate into you 2257 package. Please allow 4-6 business days for rendered services. Once completed, we will send entire package via email for faster service.      Forbidden City has decided to release it’s edited, market ready content for non-exclusive & Exclusive sale. This means that producers can buy our content at a savings. Instead of dealing with performers,locations,camera crew, editing and costs, leverage your time by buying out content.  We have a great scenes from Fetishes, blowjobs, pov, story lined hardcore scenes. Non- Exclusive

Standard Definition scenes start at $150     HD scenes start at $250 Exclusive Standard Definition scenes start at $1000    HD Scenes start at $2000

What’s included: Secondary Producer form – Copy of 2257’s with Copies of ID’sand releases- Edited Copy of the scene- -Raw Footage of scenes- Final Cut Pro files-All releases associated with scene.

Forbidden City Entertainment’s, Inc. Legal Packet $600 This is our non-lawyer endorsed 2257 legal package that we have decided to sell. What you get: -Your business name incorporated in our 2257 records compliant Release- -Model Questions & Stats- Detailed & in-depth Model release –

-Your business name outline of video legals questions format- Outline of pictures to take for 2257- -Example 2257 legal video of the way to implement package-