Xander XXavier

Who is Xander XXavier?

Passion, Desire, Artistic, Depth and Creativity are but a few traits of business owner and director. Since 1994, Xander has had a passion for the arts as well being an entrepreneur since high school after learning first hand through family businesses. Knowledge of the Romance languages, Speaks Italian, Spanish and is currently learning French. His travels have brought him to sites of the world, culture and diverse ways of life.Through live events, concerts, and portraits bringing any style of work to better suite our clients needs through all forms of media outlets.


Business Consultant since 2003 after opening his consulting company.

-3 years Indi Film Director ( Sundance, Cannes Film Festival and local film contests)

-10+ years social media development through thrid -party website development with companies gross revenue of up to $1 million

-Since 2008, adult content provider & production house

-Adult Seminars leading Production & modeling recruitment educator, teaching new producers the correct business practices

-2012  BangBros.com Director of Cinematrography for their studio in Tampa, Fl

-9+ Years working with content providers and performer based sites.

Unlike many wanna-be individuals who say they know what they are doing, being business for over 10 years and has established himself in the entertainment world.  He has worked with many levels of producers of adult content. Ranging from the small clips4sale,performer run stores, the such companies as Bang Brothers, small budgets to million dollar projects, there is no limit to what can provided.

Xander does not use free or cheap editing programs like many “professional” producers do. WE use both Final Cut and the entire Adobe Suite which we have mastered to our industry. We use a wide range of cameras for different looks and feels of the content shot and are able to use Redbox if so required.